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28th of March to 31st of July, 2013


After Rome, the Department of Hérault presents the exhibition RE-CYCLE MAXXI, strategies for architecture, city and planet, at pierresvives – Montpellier, curated by Pippo CIORRA.

Recycling architecture, cities, landscapes, with works artists engaged in creative strategies that reflect the interrelationships between space (architectural) and waste, the architecture is itself recyclable.


"Entwicklungscampus Königinstrasse mit Neubau Forschungsbau Nano-Institut"

The project site is the former veterinary campus of LMU, which is located between the city and the south-east border of the Englischer Garten. The proposal for the new university campus is to create a link between the urban context and the park.  The main organizational concept is to create a field like condition on which free standing buildings are placed.

“Dense Fields – Light City”, Bremen 2013

LIN made a competition for the new district Hulsberg-Viertel, Bremen

The site of the former hospital Bremen Mitte is a place with a long historic tradition. Developed continuously during the past 150 years it today houses a large variety of public buildings of all kinds of epochs. Due to its use as a hospital it today displays a public space in the city with a large green network and freestanding buildings of which some offer strong identity for the city.

LIN wins international urban competition “Strasbourg - Kehl, Cour des Douanes - Zollhofareal”


The project proposes a masterplan for the former custom posts of Kehl and Strasbourg, 20 hectares along the Rhine – as well as a vision to reunite the two cities/countries along the river.