• Finn Geipel has been invited to participate at a round table with a focus on his work on the Grand Paris, 8 years later with the thematic: Grand Paris, the adventure of ideas.

    16. June 2016 - 16:18read more

    He will be joined by Roland Castro, Antoine Grumbach, Yves Lion, Christian de Portzamparc, all AIGP member.


    More information:

  • LIN has been invited to be part of the team led by Dominique Perrault Architecture to achieve the urban study of the Olympic Village in Paris.

    17. May 2016 - 17:15read more
  • The project “Quai Henri IV” in Paris has been shortlisted for the DAM Award for Architecture and will be published in the German Architecture Yearbook 2017 with the accompanying exhibition.

    17. May 2016 - 13:54read more
  • LIN Architects have won the competition in Nantes for an interdisciplinary university complex dedicated to digital cultures

    11. November 2015 - 11:19read more
  • And... action!

    31. October 2015 - 17:32read more

    On Friday the 30th of October there was a filming action in the office. We were visited by a film crew which documents working processes on the Bremer Punkt project.



  • Inauguration of “Quai Henri IV” the 21st of September

    22. October 2015 - 12:09read more

    Maxime Goncalves, conducteur travaux Bouygues bat. IdF
    Eric Lopes, directeur de production Bouygues bat. IdF
    Geoffroy, conducteur travaux Bouygues bat. IdF
    Carlos Cadete, chef de service Bouygues bat. IdF
    Marcia Goncalves, conducteur travaux Bouygues bat. IdF
    Sandra Badji, chef de projet LIN



    Anne Hidalgo, maire de Paris
    Alain Taravella, président fondateur Altarea Cogedim
    Christophe Girard, maire du 4arr. Paris
    Roger Madec, sénateur de Paris et président de Paris Habitat OPH
    Finn Geipel, LIN


  • Inauguration of “Quai Henri IV” the 21st of September

    18. September 2015 - 13:05read more

    LIN Office announce the inauguration of the residential building “Quai Henri IV” which take place on Monday, 21st of September in Paris.

    Photo: Christian Richter

  • LIN have won the 4th prize in the competition for the Natural History Museum and the State Archives of Basel

    26. August 2015 - 14:35read more
  • Prefabrication of wooden wall modules of Bremer Punkt project

    17. August 2015 - 15:50read more

    The pre-fabricated timber structure can be mounted independently of seasons and weather conditions in a very short time and reduces the construction time on site.

  • The First Stone Ceremony for Bremer Punkt was held on the 23rd of July

    17. August 2015 - 18:34read more

    On Thursday 23rd of July, senator Joachim Lohse (from the left), together with Hans-Hermann Schrader and Gewoba´s chairman Peter Stubbe inaugurated the construction site of the first Bremer Punkthaus series.



                                      Bremer Punkt 1, July 2016