Bremer Punkt

The “Bremer Punkt”, a social housing project for the city of Bremen is being re-visited.


A single prototype is being developed to offer a low cost and prefabricated structure that can be deployed on a number of sites.  This project’s cube-like form has a wood exterior and interior, which is anticipated to be an ecological and economical solution for the city of Bremen. With a footprint of 140 m2, this building is compact and unprecedented.


In 2011, LIN won a competition hosted by the GEWOBA, a non-profit housing association, on Strategies for Mass Housing Developements in the neighborhood of Gartenstadt Süd, Bremen.
In collaboration with ARUP Berlin, TPG Lehmann, Höhler + Partner, Wilhelm Klauser and the wood construction industry, a housing module was developed. The proposed four-story wooden cubes can be erected quickly and without disturbance to the residents due to a high degree of prefabrication. Using bridges they supply and upgrade the existing structure with barrier-free access and “open plan” extensions. The new buildings can be configured in multiple ways and set a premise for new forms of living. These newly joined building configurations can provide accommodation for single or family households, home offices or multigenerational living.