"Entwicklungscampus Königinstrasse mit Neubau Forschungsbau Nano-Institut"

The project site is the former veterinary campus of LMU, which is located between the city and the south-east border of the Englischer Garten. The proposal for the new university campus is to create a link between the urban context and the park.  The main organizational concept is to create a field like condition on which free standing buildings are placed.

The proposed typology embraces two different systems: an inner core for the more technical program like laboratories and an outer ring programmed with offices and communication areas. The relationship between the two parts is defined by the structural system.  In the core the use of concrete supports the laboratories and in the ring the use of WOOD creates a softer working environment.



LIN Architects Urbanists, Berlin / Paris
Finn Geipel (partner in charge), Philip König (associate in charge), Andrea Alessio (Cdp), John Klepel, Lars-Erik Mattila, Daniel Nissimov


in collaboration with

Landscape - MAN MADE LAND Bohne Lundquist Mellier GbR, Berlin
Facade - Bollinger + Grohmann Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Laboratory - dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH, Berlin