“Dense Fields – Light City”, Bremen 2013

LIN made a competition for the new district Hulsberg-Viertel, Bremen

The site of the former hospital Bremen Mitte is a place with a long historic tradition. Developed continuously during the past 150 years it today houses a large variety of public buildings of all kinds of epochs. Due to its use as a hospital it today displays a public space in the city with a large green network and freestanding buildings of which some offer strong identity for the city.

The proposed plan wants to transform the site into a new neighbourhood with new housing typologies and a radical mobility system, while keeping its specific character as a space with a long public tradition enabling for living without a car in a diverse neighbourhood that can be seen a test ground / laboratory for urban development in the 21st century.



LIN Architects Urbanists, Berlin / Paris
Giulia Andi, Finn Geipel, Philip König, Nele Vesta Zareh(Cdp), Nicola Carnevali, Stephan Becker, Marie-Charlotte Dalin, Thomas Untersweg, Morana Mazuran, Lucia Sanchez, Lars-Erik Mattila (Model)


in collaboration with:

Landscape: Müller Illiene Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Zurich
Mobility: IBV - Hüsler AG, Zurich
Economy and Urban strategy: Nüesch Developemnt, Zurich
History: Prof. Dr. Johannes Cramer, Technical University Berlin, Berlin