Sevran - Mixed use and housing building

Sevran, France


Predominantly consisted of villages and agricultural farms for a long time in the past, the territory has undergone profound transformations followed by the arrival of the railway and the construction of the Ourcq Canal in the first half of the 19th century. Since the beginning of the industrial era, large factories were established there along with the construction of the railway station. One of the most representative among them is the Westinghouse, founded in Sevran in 1891. This ensemble expanded the growth of the district of Freinville with its station and church, which became important elements of its identity. From the beginning of the 1980s, the fast deterioration of certain parts of the territory due to deindustrialization affected Sevran and forced the Westinghouse factory to close its doors in 1995. Extensive urban reform programs are being undertaken in the most difficult neighborhoods. Far from being homogeneous, the issues of the territory have recently been repositioned in a broader reflection based on the model of development of the Paris metropolis. The reconversion of this industrial site is a subject of a larger reflection on major issues for the territory.


The Westinghouse Freinville area is a vast territory, in the South-West district of the commune of Sevran. The proximity to the Ourcq canal and the Freinville station (T4 tram-train line) provides connectivity and accessibility for the project, resulting in a redefined urbanity and economy.

General axonometry



Each building typology is distinguished by a diversity of volumes, proportions, functions and façades in order to accentuate the heterogeneity of the new district. To further diversify the neighborhood and the building types, different heights are adopted by different buildings. Building height increases from the suburban fabric to Westinghouse Boulevard, accentuating the notion of density. The blocks are positioned to optimize natural sunlight with buildings setbacks and visual porosity.


Public spaces and the new streets will be activated by various functions and programs along the Westinghouse Boulevard on the street level. The inner gardens within the blocks create buffer zones and articulate the transition between the animated public spaces and the calm residential spaces.


A series of urban thematic squares links the architectural components and structures the territory with green surroundings.



Lot I

The project includes four volumes, differentiated by two typologies: a simple block and a double block. The double block is declined from the simple one, showing a patio as a void. The configuration of the volumes generates both interior and external spaces, solids and voids, private spaces and public spaces.


The project consists of two distinct parts: a compact and dense part stretches from Westinghouse Boulevard to the public square and the playground. It includes a commercial floor on the street level with a mixity of housing above. The second volume is more punctual. Attached to the playground, it hosts a social housing.

Project Data

Program: Reconversion of the former Westinghouse Freinville industrial site in Sevran (93).

The project, part of a PUP (public/private partnership), is in a continuity of an urban study led by LIN. We took the opportunity to convert the wasteland of the former Freinville factory into a new district by defining new urban axes and creating quality public spaces that allow a certain density.

The project includes a mix of housing (senior residence, student and social flats, etc…), retail and underground carparks.

Project Status: Lot I completion September 2018, Lot III completion March 2019

Location: Sevran, Westinghouse Freinville, France

Client: Altarea Cogedim, 8 avenue Delcassé, 75008 Paris


Architects: LIN Architects Urbanists, Berlin/Paris: Finn Geipel, Giulia Andi

Philip König, Marie Othon, Caroline Borel, Sandra Badji (project managers), Lucia Sanchez, John Klepel, Daniel Nirnov, Quentin Bellecourt, Marie-Charlotte Zander, Marcin Szczodry, Marta Diez, Marta Kiwior, Mattis Krebs, Bruno Pinto Da Cruz, Camille Salomon, Oceane Reveillac, Ruud Van Gool, Sean Pepe, Clara Fonder, Corentin Schieb, Florent Lévêque, Thibaud Toussaint, Marie Bonnot, Joachim Bakary, Linda Ferretti

Landscape Architect: Bassinet Turquin Paysage

Service engineer: EPDC

Quantity surveyor: MEBI

AEMO: Prevention Consultants

Bureau de contrôle: BTP Consultants

Fire protection consultant: ADLC

Construction management: Bureau Michel Forgue Conseil

Construction planning management: AIA management

General contractor: Legendre (Lot III) MTR (Lot I- Macrolot)


Area: 32,400 m² SDP (10,700m² SDP lot I - 21,700 m² SDP lotIII)

Certificates: "Habitat & Environnement" Profil A (RT 2012), Effinergie +, Qualitel

Project Timeline:  2013 - 2019

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Category Ref. Title Year City Country Type Status
Architecture N6N Halle 6 ouest Halle 6 ouest 2019 Nantes France Culture competition 2015, 1st prize, completion 2019 + 1365
Architecture BGW Bremer Punkt Bremer Punkt 2017 Bremen Germany Housing Realized + 2022
Architecture SCD Cité du Design Cité du Design 2009 Saint-Étienne France Culture Realized + 2012
Architecture PAQ Housing Building, Quai Henri IV Housing Building, Quai Henri IV 2015 Paris France Housing Realized + 1845
Architecture POU Paris Gare d'Auteuil Paris Gare d'Auteuil 2019 Paris France Residential completion 2019 + 19
Architecture SNA Alvéole 14 Alvéole 14 2007 Saint- Nazaire France Culture Realized + 1572
Urbanism PAM Grand Paris Métropole Douce Grand Paris Métropole Douce 2008 Paris France Urban Design Study + 1452
Architecture BT2 Typenhochhaus Typenhochhaus 2017 Berlin Germany Housing Competition 1st Prize + 1138
Architecture SWF Sevran - Mixed use and housing building Sevran - Mixed use and housing building 2014 Sevran France Housing Lot I completion September 2018, Lot III completion March 2019 + 1257
Architecture PRC Paris - Mixed use and housing building Paris - Mixed use and housing building 2014 Paris France Housing Under Construction + 1276
Design PAR Permanent Exhibition Space Permanent Exhibition Space 2003 Paris France Exhibition Realized + 1253
Architecture TAC Achillion coastal platform Achillion coastal platform 1997 Thessaloniki Greece Mobility Competition + 1284
Architecture NAC Nîmes Arena Nîmes Arena 1989 Nîmes France Culture Realized + 1739
Architecture AMF Métafort Multimedia Research Center Métafort Multimedia Research Center 1998 Aubervillers France Culture Competition + 1466
Architecture LEC National School of Art National School of Art 1994 Limoges France Education Realized + 1343
Architecture OKH Oldenburg House Oldenburg House 2003 Oldenburg Germany Residential Realized + 1325
Urban ATLAS Atlas Actif des Vallées Stéphanoises Atlas Actif des Vallées Stéphanoises 2008 Saint-Étienne France Research Complete + 1344
Art BSY Syn Chron Syn Chron 2005 Berlin Germany Space sculpture Realized + 1349
Architecture POL Office Building in Paris Office Building in Paris 2012 Paris France Office Building Realized + 1364
Urbanism KSB Strasbourg - Kehl, Cour des Douanes - Zollhofareal Strasbourg - Kehl, Cour des Douanes - Zollhofareal 2013 Strasbourg/Kehl France/Germany Urban Design Competition First Prize + 1293
Architecture BIN LIN Office Space LIN Office Space 2012 Berlin Germany Office Realized + 1520
Urbanism AMP Aix-en-Provence - Marseille Aix-en-Provence - Marseille 2015 Aix-Marseille-Provence France Urban Design Urban Study + 1119
Design D+-0 Density ±0 Density ±0 2004 Paris France Exhibition Realized + 1402
Urbanism STA Urban study for the development of Sevran Urban study for the development of Sevran 2015 Sevran France Urban Study ongoing + 1269