Metafort Multimedia Research Centre

Aubervillers, France


MÉTAFORT represents a new kind of utopia whose originality lies in the opportunity to compare and link ‘multimedia culture’ with more traditional forms of artistic expression, while considering the social impact of setting up the institution in an outer urban area. The institution will assume the role of producer: it will offer advice and expertise, project engineering and technical facilities to players wishing to collaborate and combine their experiments. Projects will be generated by proposals rather than commissioned.


Métafort is a socio-cultural multimedia research center established in the old Fort d’Aubervilliers on the northern fringe of Paris. Consisting of a monospace surrounded by six satellites, the main structure is comprised of a raised platform sheltered by an enveloping skin with variable permeability.

Fixed parts (conference rooms, control room) and flexible components (laboratories, performing and production studios) are articulated on the platform. The satellites function as footbridges projecting into their immediate surroundings – both literally and symbolically – housing the media library, guest artist residences, training labs, a think-tank “Seed” center, parking silo, and a theatre.


Enveloped under one roof, the village presents the image of a uniform single entity. The architectural space is differentiated by a gradation between two poles – a ‘fluid’ architectural system in the center (tall spaces, open lines of sight, sparse areas) giving way to a ‘water tight’ system on the edges (small spaces, cubicles, narrow walkways). The connection between the area of distribution and intimate space is made according to the “center outline area principle”, or the “remoteness/density” principle as regards the quality of its interstices.


The main building rests on a single slab raised on pilotis, a base plate which acts as the fixed support for Métafort while protecting the ground-level nerve center: a concentration of support systems incorporating delivery points, technical equipment rooms and additional spaces that function as the building’s lifeline. The upper face of the plate provides for various types of spaces, incorporating stable elements like the Forum and Exchange center while allowing for variable and hanging configurations of modular spaces which can be adjusted in size and volume to adapt to different projects – for example the Expression and Research centers (laboratories and production studios) – separated by spaces referencing village streets and public squares.


The flexible roof ensures protection while distributing light throughout building areas via an arbitrary layout of glazed roof panels. The roof also allows the volume to become an Interclimatic space.


The degree of sophistication of the methods of construction is proportionate to the life span of each element: content (the village) is achieved using "makeshift" methods; the adaptable framework (envelope) using light assembly techniques; the fixed framework (platform) using heavy techniques.
The particulars of the mechanical assembly methods used for all construction elements allow for future dismantling of each component and therefore short-term adaptations and transformations as well as long-term recycling.
A similar structure implemented previously at the École National d'Art Décoratif in Limoges, completed in 1993/94, provides the experience and a point of departure for the design of the Métafort Monospace.

Aerial View

View over Aubervilliers fort under a thick layer of greenery. It is separated from the Aubervilliers and Pantin suburbs by a network of traffic lanes and allotments.

Project Data

Program: METAFORT is a socio-cultural multimedia research center set up in the old for Aubervilliers on the northern fringe of Paris.

Client: Ministry of Culture, City of Aubervilliers

Status: 1996-1998 Competition 1st prize, Research 1995

Location: Aubervilliers, Seine Saint Denis, France

Cost: 21 M€ (value 1995)

Surface: 19,825 m²



Architecture: LABFAC, Finn Geipel, Nicolas Michelin, Michel Deplace and Bernd Hoge (project leaders) with Nicholas Boudier, Cyril Trétout, Simone Wyss, Karine Labbay and Claudia von Bogen, Paris;  Structural engineer: Werner Sobek, Stuttgart; Concrete engineer: Pierre Bisotto;  Fluids engineer and lighting: Andy Sedgwick, Ove Arup, London; Jean Pierre Ceton (writer); Joseph Hanimann (philosopher); Model Construction: Michel Goudin, Paris.


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 AMF-01-ESS-LIN-Internal view of Métaphor
Image 1/7 AMF-01-ESS-LIN-Internal view of Métaphor
Image 2/7 AMF-02-ESS-LIN-Morphology
Image 3/7 AMF-03-ESS-LIN-Plan
AMF-04-ESS-LIN-Axonomentric view of multiple layers
Image 4/7 AMF-04-ESS-LIN-Axonomentric view of multiple layers
AMF-05-ESS-LIN-Development of envelope
Image 5/7 AMF-05-ESS-LIN-Development of envelope
AMF-06-ESS-LIN-Installation of moveable pillars
Image 6/7 AMF-06-ESS-LIN-Installation of moveable pillars
Aerial View
AMF-07-ESS-LIN-Aerial veiw
Image 7/7 AMF-07-ESS-LIN-Aerial veiw
Category Ref. Title Year City Country Type Status
Architecture BGW Bremer Punkt Bremer Punkt 2017 Bremen Germany Housing Realized + 1856
Architecture SCD Cite du design Cite du design 2009 Saint Etienne France Culture Realized + 1848
Architecture PAQ Housing Building, Quai Henri IV Housing Building, Quai Henri IV 2015 Paris France Housing Realized + 1713
Architecture SNA Alveole 14 Alveole 14 2007 Saint- Nazaire France Culture Realized + 1490
Urban PAM Grand Paris Métropole Douce Grand Paris Métropole Douce 2008 Paris France Urban Design Study + 1372
Architecture BT2 Typenhochhaus Typenhochhaus 2017 Berlin Germany Housing Competition first prize + 1008
Architecture SWF Sevran mixed use and housing building Sevran mixed use and housing building 2014 Sevran France Housing Lot I completion September 2018, Lot III completion March 2019 + 1170
Architecture PRC Mixed use and housing building Mixed use and housing building 2014 Paris France Housing under construction + 1142
Architecture N6N Halle 6 Halle 6 2015 Nantes France Culture competition, 1st prize + 1153
Design PAR Permanent Exhibition Space Permanent Exhibition Space 2003 Paris France Exhibition Realized + 1187
Architecture TAC Achillion coastal platform Achillion coastal platform 1997 Thesaaloniki Greece Mobility Competition + 1225
Architecture NAC Nîmes Arena Nîmes Arena 1989 Nîmes France Culture Realized + 1675
Architecture AMF Metafort Multimedia Research Centre Metafort Multimedia Research Centre 1998 Aubervillers France Culture Competition + 1307
Architecture LEC National School of Art National School of Art 1994 LIimoges France Education Realised + 1256
Architecture OKH Oldenburg House Oldenburg House 2003 Oldenburg Germany Residential Realized + 1252
Urban ATLAS Atlas Actif des Vallees Stephanoises Atlas Actif des Vallees Stephanoises 2008 Saint Etienne France Research Complete + 1250
Art BSY Synchron Synchron 2005 Berlin Germany Space sculpture Realized + 1265
Architecture POL Office building in Paris Office building in Paris 2012 Paris France Office Building Realized + 1295
Urban KSB Strasbourg - Kehl, Cour des Douanes - Zollhofareal Strasbourg - Kehl, Cour des Douanes - Zollhofareal 2013 Strasbourg / Kehl France / Germany Urban Design Competition First Prize + 1227
Architecture BIN LIN office space LIN office space 2012 Berlin Germany Office Realized + 1408
Urbanism AMP Aix-en-Provence - Marseille Aix-en-Provence - Marseille 2015 Aix, Marsille, Provence France urban urban study + 1055
Design D+-0 Density +- 0 Density +- 0 2004 Paris France Exhibition Realized + 1335
Urbanism STA Urban study for the development of Sevran Urban study for the development of Sevran 2015 Sevran France urban study ongoing + 1137