Giulia Andi

Born in Rome, Italy, where she graduated in Architecture from SAPIENZA University. Cofounder and art director of LIN Architects since 2001, she implements the themes of voids, colors and inside out quality according to program into her work, this is most apparent in the ongoing project of social housing in Bremen, Germany. Other projects include two of LIN´s most important completed projects in France – ALVEOLE 14 and Cite du Design, exhibition spaces in Paris (Arsenal and Density+-0), as well as urban research projects Grand Paris and Roma Via Flaminius.

References from the world of music, medicine, dance, food, as well as art history, have all significantly influenced not only her work in the field of architecture, but have also encouraged specific collaborations and programs. She has been exploring the field of information design in projects such as the Grand Paris Book, the new LIN website, the exhibition Re-cycle at MAXXI, and the work on the office kitchen as food design laboratory.  Nomination for the arc Vision’s Prize “women and Architecture” in 2013.